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There are two ways to take part in the online conference:

      1. Participation without a report
      2. Participation with a report.

In the first case youll be defined as a "reader". If you desire to participate with your own report, you have to prepare the theses of report (no more than 2 pages) for publishing in collected theses and then youll get the "author" status. (All the co-authors are also defined as "readers").
To take part in online conference activity as a "author" it is necessary to route to Organizational Committee the application forms. You can also fill the application form in MS-Word template ( and send it to Organizational Committee by E-mail: The registration of "readers" opens after "author" applications acceptance.
Every participant may use all resources of the online conference.

Conference proceedings will be available in printed form and on CDs.
Please, be guided by stated requirements to design of the abstracts of your report.

The Proceedings of the IVTN-2002 (PDF 1MB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2003 (PDF 2.6MB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2004 (PDF 2.5MB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2005 (PDF 853KB)
     IVTN- 2002
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2006 (PDF 890KB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2007 (PDF 1.15MB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2008 (PDF 910KB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2009 (PDF 758KB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2010 (PDF 759KB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2011 (PDF 1,50MB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2012 (PDF 1,50MB)
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2012 (PDF 1,50MB)

In application package ( you will find MS-Word template for your theses and reports with detail instructions: (31 KB).

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These rules are general for all on-line conferences.

Please send your requests and application forms to Organizing Committee. Our coordinates:
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Reprinting of all materials without referring to authors and site is prohibited.