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Photo-report of PIERS 2012

Program PIERS 2012 (PDF 755 KB)

Instructions for Abstract Submission

Please visit PIERS General Guidelines- For Authors on http://piers.org/piers/guidelines.php
The abstract submission deadline is 20 March 2012 and the author pre-registration deadline is 20 May 2012.

Poster Session Guidelines

The poster session runs from the start time listed in the Symposium program.

Dimensions of poster board are 70 centimeters wide and 180 centimeters high. We kindly advice you to prepare poster with the dimensions of 70 centimeters wide and 120 centimeters high (as shown at the picture).

There will be pins available to affix your poster to the boards. Please DO NOT use adhesive tape for this purpose - it can destroy the surface of posters and the boards.

The paper's title and authors should be placed at the top of the poster, written in a large font (36-points).

Posters should be placed by the poster presenter in the morning of the day of the poster session.

Posters should be removed by the poster presenter after the end of the poster session.

Вниманию российских участников и стран СНГ

C 2010 года все материалы PIERS Proceedings вносятся в библиографические реферативные базы данных EI Compendex и Scopus(SciVerse Scopus).

Заплатив один оргвзнос, Вы как участник PIERS 2012 можете представить на симпозиум три развёрнутых доклада, и уже в 2012 году Ваши работы будут опубликованы со ссылкой на EI Compendex и SCOPUS.

Updated and detailed information you can find at http://piers.org and http://emacademy.org

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