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The project “ – web conferences” is a unique example of cooperation between scientific organizations and commercial enterprises created to discuss various issues and problems of computer applications in fundamental and applied science.
In recent years the economical situation in Russian science has changed greatly. The destructive period of early 90-s is over and a great number of branches of science has revived.
The main aim of the project is to take an active part in supporting Russian science and apply new forms of the support.
The main objectives of the include providing opportunities for exchange of research experience, arranging discussions on actual problems, eliminating geographic and bureaucratic boarders, supporting the search for foreign scientific contractors.
The Organizing committee includes leading scientists, representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS).
In April 2002 the NC Group/NVK “VIST” company with the support from a number of scientific centers and institutes of the RAS and RAMS, initiated the first session of the web conference “Computer applications in fundamental and applied Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutics and Medicine
Virtually each author had an opportunity to get comments on their own papers and take part in discussions, and that was the core difference from similar projects. At the same time anyone with user authorization, no matter of being an author or just a reader, had the chance to take part in virtual “round tables” and discussions.
The idea was a challenge, and Organizing Committee has received more than 150 requests from representatives of scientific centers and research institutes from different regions of Russia and CIS.
International project currently unites more than 2,000 participants. These participants - Russian authors and readers, as well as members of the CIS, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and other countries of the world. Online edition and Collection of materials final sessions assigned to International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2221-1470 and ISSN 2220-7864), identifying all published on the website of electronic conferences materials, both in Russian and English languages. project is an active organizer of international scientific events including such well-known international forums as CMPTI 2007 (, PIERS 2009 ( and PIERS 2012 ( - the official partner of the scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU ( The works of authors past, current and future sessions will be included in a bibliographic database of scientific publications Russian scientists with the assignment of the Russian Science Citation Index. blends together the most prospective and modern information technologies and design, provides opportunities for the most convenient communication and access to requested information for all the participants.
  • IVTN database – the catalogue of more than 500 papers, with direct access to the whole information concerning documents including theses, reports, comments and so on. All the papers are combined in several groups according to research area. The search by the name of the author and the organization is also available.
  • Discussions – using the most recent technologies for holding web conferences, the participants have a chance to discuss their ideas online. This procedure supports unlimited number of themes and topics.
  • IVTN–communicator – due to partnership with famous web providing companies and use of modern hardware and software, participants are able to communicate safely and securely.
  • IVTN–informer – permanently updated news lines and sections with recent news and reviews of modern scientific developments and products help the participants to be up to date with the most prospective and significant trends and events.
The participants have the opportunity to communicate not only via web but also to meet face-to-face and to publish their papers in scientific magazines.
  • The Annual Final Meetings traditionally close the conference and thus bring a chance to meet and communicate with leading scientists and representatives of the largest institutes and organizations of RAS and vendors of scientific and high-tech equipment.
  • The proceedings of the conference come as a final report of the Organizing committee. The catalogue includes list of all the reports presented at the conference and their annotations.
  • The Expert committee recommends the most interesting and significant papers for publishing in Scientific Magazines.
The audience of the includes employees of different high-tech companies and the representatives of scientific community. gives each group a chance to realize their projects and ideas.
For scientists it is a chance:
  • to gain a support from leading high-tech companies
  • to exchange research skills, experience and developments
  • to take part in scientific discussions
  • to cooperate with colleagues without geographic and bureaucratic boarders
  • to pick up the necessary equipment for experimental research
  • to get a support in promoting their own products and developments
For partners it is a chance:
  • to cooperate with scientists that are directly involved in developing
  • to obtain information on the most prospective researches
  • to inform the audience about their own products and achievements
  • to get feedback from the customers of their priorities and reasons for choosing one product over the other
  • to be up to date with requirements of scientific market
  • to estimate the potential of scientific market.

We invite you to take part in our online conferences. We hope that will help you to solve some of your scientific problems.
All companies and private persons are welcome with their questions, remarks and requests.
Please send your requests with wishes and proposals to organizing committee: Phone/Fax:+7 495 995-8017, E-mail:   
Organizing committee coordinates:
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