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Computer Applications in fundamental and applied
Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutics and Medicine
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Expert committee
Expert committee of the conference will make a decision on awarding the author with prizes and diplomas. Authors could claim to a prize only if they take part with enlarged reports, it will help the Expert committee to choose winners.
Members of the Expert committee:
Ivanov A.S., Doctor of Biology, Professor
Kornilov V.V., Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Kuzminskii М.B., Ph.D. in Chemistry
Mikheyev О.V., Ph.D. in Engineering
Palulin V.A., Ph.D. in Chemistry
Polshakov V.I., Doctor of Chemistry
Poroikov V.V., Doctor of Biology, Professor – Chairman
Skvortsov V.S., Ph.D. in Biology

The Expert committee pays your attention that using of computer applications in your research as well as scientific achievements is one of the basic criterions for awarding.   
Organizing committee coordinates:   
Tel./Fax: +7 495 995 8017    
Reprinting of all materials without referring to authors and site is prohibited.